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 +====== The Visual Editor ======
 +The very concept of graphically creating new software excites our imaginations,​ invoking visions of manipulating pictoral representations of code as effortlessly as we think. We dream of The Matrix, of Cyberspace (from William Gibson'​s Neuromancer),​ of floating effortlessly through space and time, commanding reality to do our wishes. Unfortunately,​ the reality is not quite this romantic.
 +But Eclipse'​s Visual Editor Project is a new start of a framework that could eventually be used to help fulfill this dream. As I am now beginning my own journey into understanding Eclipse'​s code, I will chronicle my discoveries as I go along. Hopefully others will be able to learn from my mistakes as well as sharing in my successes. Then they will not need to make the same mistakes themselves and will be able to more easily share in my triumphs.
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