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 +====== Introducing Clojure Foundation, Infrastructure,​ and Dev on GitHub ======
 +At [[http://​|Brad'​s Deals]], I've spent the last year learning Clojure, using it to help rewrite their extract-transform-load data warehouse system on AWS, and have developed a few opinions about how to most effectively use it.  In addition, we have several other production systems built using Clojure.
 +Recently, we have begun extracting common useful utilities from these systems into a set of core libraries on GitHub:
 +   * [[shopsmart>​clj-foundation]] -- Code to extend or enhance the Clojure environment itself.
 +   * [[shopsmart>​clj-infrastructure]] -- Infrastructure helpers: AWS, database, etc.
 +   * [[shopsmart>​clj-dev]] -- Libraries to enhance the development experience.
 +In future posts, I'll explore some things we have learned that we have shared in these libraries.
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