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 +====== EclipseCon A New and Noteworthy Party ======
 +I'm sitting in the GMF presentation right now. Last year's EclipseCon was basically an Eclipse RCP party plus a vidication that Eclipse is now really big-time as most important companies in the industry joined as Strategic Developers. This year's EclipseCon has turned into a showcase of just how diverse the Eclipse community has become in just under one year.
 +Yesterday I attended the Eclipse members'​ meeting and was totally blown away by how many people were there. New and noteworthy things for the Ecosystem include the momentum in Europe, Eclipse being used by scripting languages like PHP and Ruby, and much more. There was no hope of even shaking hands with everyone, much less having a meaningful conversation with everyone, compared with just a couple of years ago when that exercise barely took an hour.
 +It's now 2/3 of the way through day 1 and I'm just totally amazed by the amount of diversity that has appeared in the Eclipse ecosystem in just a year. GMF is just one of the cooler technologies.
 +Here's how it works:
 +    * Write an EMF model describing your model tier.
 +    * Write a couple more models that describe your editor.
 +    * Click "​generate"​.
 +    * You get a fully graphical editor for your model that can be customized very simply.
 +In just about 15 minutes, starting from a simple EMF model that he already had, the presenter just created a mind mapping tool using GMF.
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