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 +====== EclipseCon '07, the Community'​s Party ======
 +Why was EclipseCon '07 special? For the first time, EclipseCon was really the Eclipse community'​s party.
 +    * The first EclipseCon was interesting in that the conference itself was successful.
 +    * EclipseCon 2 remains the best technical conference I have ever attended and it was really the "​Eclipse is Successful"​ party. Nearly every session blew me away. RCP became more than an acronym; it was real.
 +    * Last year's EclipseCon was the first year where EclipseCon wasn't dominated by IBM. But the community hadn't really matured yet. Although it wasn't a bad conference, there were a few time slots where I walked out of two talks and then wondered where I should spend my time after that. Networking was the star last year.
 +    * This year's EclpseCon, the Eclipse community came into its own. None of the sessions I attended were duds. But more importantly,​ I only attended a single presentation that was run by an IBM or OTI person.
 +In summary, the diversity and success of this community is astonishing. It seems that Eclipse always eventually succeeds when it takes something on.
 +More thoughts later...
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