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 +====== Eclipse Scala Plugin Progress ======
 +I just have to say: I've been using a recent build of the [[http://​​node/​94|Eclipse Scala 2.7.4 plugin]] and finding it really solid and really productive!
 +  * Content assist for the most part Just Works
 +  * Ctrl-click to jump to source so far Just Works, regardless of if the source/​destination is Java or Scala
 +  * And of course, the killer feature: integrating ScalaDoc and JavaDoc seems really stable now
 +All the old compiler crashes I was experiencing are now gone so I can now work for hours without restarting my IDE.
 +Now to figure out a way to releng mixed Java/Scala OSGI bundles. ​ I hear that Maven is the way to go right now...
 +To the team: Nice job!