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 +====== E4 and RCP4: Desktop and Web from one source ======
 +Back at EclipseCon, one of the big news items had to do with the proposed [[eclipse>​E4|Eclipse 4]], or E4 feature set.  But I think that the true story behind E4 [[http://​​2008/​04/​online-eclipse-e4-lack-of-imagination.html|isn'​t just about running Eclipse in a browser]], but in something much more interesting than that.
 +===== The real E4 story =====
 +E4 isn't just a very cool AJAX framework--it'​s the ability to write rich client applications that deploy to a desktop or a browser from the same code base.
 +And __this__ is interesting.
 +Which is why I'm attending the upcoming [[eclipse>​E4/​Summit|E4 Summit]]. ​ And why I've switched to a bliki--a cross between a blog and a Wiki--to make it easier to both blog and [[rcp:​home|write about E4]].
 +===== E4 is the Community'​s Platform =====
 +I can't make RCP4 happen by myself. ​ IBM can't make E4 happen by itself.
 +Come and join us!  Jump in--the coding'​s fun and the water'​s warm!
 +Please add comments with your ideas, thoughts, and critiques, preferably over on the [[rcp:​home|RCP page]].
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