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 +====== E4:  A First Look ======
 +I've finally got some cycles to catch up on E4 a bit.  The first thing I notice is that in E4, you wind up with a lot of code that looks something like this:  (from http://​​articles/​EclipseE4/​article.html)
 +<code java>
 +public class View1 {
 + @Inject
 + public View1(Composite parent) {
 + Label label = new Label(parent,​ SWT.NONE);
 + label.setText("​E4 is new");
 + Text text = new Text(parent,​ SWT.NONE);
 + text.setText("​and different"​);​
 + }
 +The first thing I notice is the dependency injection: there'​s no explicit dependency on Eclipse anywhere to be seen.
 +I haven'​t worked out all the implications of that @Inject annotation, but at first blush this sort of thing would seem to make E4 *much* more testable than previous versions of Eclipse were.
 +If I'm right, this is pretty huge.  It's not exactly a killer feature, but it's very important.
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