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 +====== David Orme hands Eclipse Visual Editor leadership to Joe Winchester ======
 +13 November, 2006, Chicago, Illinois.
 +After three years of successfully leading Eclipse'​s Visual Editor Project, David Orme is moving on to pursue other activities around Eclipse. In 2003, David founded and led the Visual Editor Project as the first Eclipse project to be started and led by somebody other than IBM. During his tenure, David spoke about Visual Editor at every EclipseCon except for the EclipseCon 2006 where Joe Winchester represented Visual Editor. Most recently, David shepherded Visual Editor into Callisto. David is now leaving Visual Editor Project to focus his efforts on the JFace Data Binding framework and the new CompositeTable control in Eclipse'​s Nebula project.
 +A frequent speaker, David Orme is the founder and Principal Consultant of Coconut Palm Software, Inc., a Chicago company specializing in Eclipse Rich Client Platform consulting and training. A recognized Eclipse thought leader, David has delivered three commercially successful Eclipse RCP projects and been active in the Eclipse community since 2002. Coconut Palm Software may be found at http://​
 +Joe Winchester is a software developer working for IBM in Hursley, UK, whose passion is desktop software. He is on a number of JSR expert groups surrounding JavaBeans, a Java Champion, and the editor of a section on "​Desktop Java" for the Java Developer'​s Journal. He has worked on GUI builder tooling including VisualAge for Java's Visual Composition Editor and the Eclipse Visual Editor. Joe has spoken at a number of conferences on client technologies and desktop programming,​ including JavaOne, Catalyst, EclipseCon, and WebEdge.
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