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 +====== An Informal Introduction to Monads for Java and Scala Programmers ======
 +Last night I spoke about monads to the Chicago Scala group. ​ It was a good time, and hopefully profitable to all.
 +One of the most fun parts was a thought exercise we did together at the end: Finishing implementing monadic behavior over Java's Iterable<​T>​...
 +Anyway, I didn't present using a slide deck this time, but put all my notes into a mind map using [[http://​​|XMind]],​ collapsed all the nodes below the 1st level, and used the drill up/down feature to show the content and come back to the overview. ​ Notes attached to nodes contain code snippets and examples.
 +The approach worked nicely, but has the side effect that one can't easily publish the results on the web.
 +So, without further ado, here's an HTML export of my notes from XMind. ​ Hopefully I'll have a chance to rewrite the presentation as an article, but until then... ​ :)
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