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 +===== XSWT Committer Agreement =====
 +The XSWT Project follows Eclipse procedures for intellectual property due dilligence. ​ If you want to be a committer on the XSWT Project or want to contribute more than 100 lines of code, your employer or current client (if you’re a consultant) must fill out and sign {{xswt:​employer_consent.pdf}}--the XSWT Project Committer Employer Consent Form--so that we’re sure we can legally incorporate your contribution(s). ​ This is exactly the same agreement that Eclipse uses, modified to fit the XSWT project.
 +Please download, print, and snail mail or fax the completed document to:
 +David Orme Coconut Palm Software, Inc. 814 N. Summit Street Wheaton, IL 60187 Fax: +1.630.463.5273 ​
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