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Dave Orme muses about agile and functional programming.

My current work emphasizes SOA applications using Scala, Kubernetes, and AWS with a React-based SPA front-end. I'm also interested in progressive web applications and developer tools.


Scala, Clojure, and FP


The Cloud

Data-First Development

Older work

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Kubernetes, Docker, Streaming Data, Spark, Scala, Clojure, OSGi, Karaf, GCP, AWS, SQL


Everything I say here is my own opinion and not necessarily that of my employer.



Articles to write; things to consider doing.

Why Clojure / Learning Clojure

  1. Clojure isn't about FP, but:
    • Data fundamentally takes a few core shapes and programs generically manipulate those few core shapes of data
      • What?
        • Sequences (lists, vectors)
        • Maps
        • Sets
        • Simple data types (numbers, strings, etc.)
      • Examples
        • - Set of input types
        • map/reduce (flatmap) have exactly one implementation in Clojure and will never need another one
          • (Contrast with Scala where every collection needs its own map/flatten/flatmap implementations)
  2. Separating the customer's perspective/vocabulary from the program's
    • Concerns
      • Customer has one vocabulary (Objects formalize that vocabulary into protocols that make it impossible to process data generically)
      • Programs want to process data as generically as possible
    • These two concerns tend to be intertwined in OO programs. Lisp gives us tools to separate those concerns.
      • Internal DSLs
  3. Compile-time type inference/checking with Specs

Scala / FP

Getting Started with PlayFramework in Eclipse

PlayFramework Overview – Implementing a Sinkhole Server in PlayFramework

Object-oriented Pipelines in Java – (Implementing Monads over Iterable<T>)

  • Foreach
  • LazyParallel
  • ThreadPool

The Cloud



  • Maximillian: I'd like a web-based version of the EMF Client Platform
  • Why Maven/OSGi integration is important

Home page modifications

  • AWS?
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