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     * [[http://​|Home page]]     * [[http://​|Home page]]
     * [[https://​​Deraen/​​blob/​blog/​build.boot|Example web site / blog using Perun]]     * [[https://​​Deraen/​​blob/​blog/​build.boot|Example web site / blog using Perun]]
 +===== Lisps, more generally =====
 +  *[[http://​​why-racket-why-lisp.html|Why Racket]] is an excellent blog describing benefits that the Lisp family of languages generally brings to programming.
 +  *[[http://​​idea-of-lisp|The Idea of Lisp]] provides useful context and history explaining why Lisp has endured and remains useful today.
 ===== Scala ===== ===== Scala =====
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