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Dave Orme muses about agile and functional programming.

My current work emphasizes SOA applications using Scala, Kubernetes, and AWS with a React-based SPA front-end. I'm also interested in progressive web applications and developer tools.


Scala, Clojure, and FP


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Kubernetes, Docker, Streaming Data, Spark, Scala, Clojure, OSGi, Karaf, GCP, AWS, SQL


Everything I say here is my own opinion and not necessarily that of my employer.


Write UIs more easily with FP techniques

At EclipseCon, I had some amazing conversations with various people about the potential to use EMF and modelling technologies to raise the abstraction level, and therefore programmer productivity, when creating user interfaces.

Since then, I've realized that XScalaWT can do all this already, for free, as long as you favor convention over configuration in your code…

More later. ;-)


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