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 +====== New: Eclipse does data binding! ======
 +In short, you can usually replace pages of SWT event handlers with a single line of code similar to the following:
 +<code java>
 +dataBinding.bind(textWidget,​ new Property(personBean,​ "​name"​),​ null);
 +Many of you have heard that Eclipse'​s Visual Editor Project and JFace teams have been working together to define a data binding framework for all of Eclipse:
 +    * Define exactly how and when data flows between your user interface and your business objects and/or database.
 +    * Automatically process data validation business rules during data entry. Define your data validation once and reuse it wherever you need.
 +This is already available in preview form in the latest nightlies and milestones and it's progressing rapidly!
 +If this excites you and you want to know more, please vote for the two talks proposed about this exciting new framework for EclipseCon: http://​​eclipsezilla/​show_bug.cgi?​id=271 by yours truly, and: http://​​eclipsezilla/​show_bug.cgi?​id=89 by Boris Bokowski, a member of the JFace team.
 +I'm proposing to present a simple but real-world program based on my experience using data binding at a real large-scale Eclipse RCP consulting contract in which I am currently engaged. Boris is proposing a talk that gets into the nitty-gritty of the data binding API and how to extend it.
 +If you want to hear about this at EclipseCon, please vote today for one or both of these submissions!