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Dave Orme muses about data-first development.

My current work emphasizes data engineering and analysis using Kubernetes, Clojure, Scala, Eclipse, and Google Cloud Platform or AWS.


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Kubernetes, Docker, Streaming Data, Spark, Scala, Clojure, OSGi, Karaf, GCP, AWS, SQL


Everything I say here is my own opinion and not necessarily that of my employer.


EMF is social software

What I realized at EclipseCon: EMF is firstmost social software. Fundamentally, it's a better JavaBeans with a performant reflective API.

Oh–and unlike java.lang.reflect, they encourage you to use the reflective API.

Not surprisingly, the result is that EMF has become the seed out of which a whole lot of really cool meta programming tools have sprung:

  • Graphical modeling tools
  • External DSL creation tools
  • Code templating engines and code generators
  • Much more…

IMO, that is both the simplicity and genius of EMF.


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