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Dave Orme muses about agile and functional programming.

My current work emphasizes SOA applications using Scala, Kubernetes, and AWS with a React-based SPA front-end. I'm also interested in progressive web applications and developer tools.


Scala, Clojure, and FP


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Kubernetes, Docker, Streaming Data, Spark, Scala, Clojure, OSGi, Karaf, GCP, AWS, SQL


Everything I say here is my own opinion and not necessarily that of my employer.


EMF as a model description language

As described below, the model used by the Visual Editor Project is based on its own language and widget-set neutral metadata format. As it turns out, this model itself is described using Eclipse's own EMF framework.

Advantages to doing it this way include:

  • EMF is language and widget-set neutral.
  • It is easy to reflect the metadata provided by the Java

Development Tooling as an EMF model.

Questions I currently have about this:

  • What are the parts of the model?
  • What are the sources/sinks of information in this model?
  • How does one actually work with information in this model?

In future entries, I intend to explore these and other topics relevent to VEP programming.


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